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UltraWide for Safari adapts YouTube video contents to ultra-wide monitors. It zooms and stretches HTML5 videos so that they fit a large monitor without black bars. It comes with a preference pane with presets for 21:9, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.


Video Demonstration


  • Preset Allows you to quickly select common scenarios, such as adapting a 16:9, or 4:3 content to a 21:9 monitor and adapting a 4:3 content to a 16:9 monitor.
  • Zoom Amount of zooming in the video. You might want to adjust this until black bars are gone. Absolute value.
  • TranslateX Select this in case you want to translate your video on the x axis. Value in %.
  • TranslateY Select this in case you want to translate your video on the y axis. Value in %.
  • fullScreenOnly If this option is selected your video will be zoomed only when YouTube is in fullscreen mode.
  • enable Deselect this checkbox to quickly disable UltraWide for Safari.

All settings are permanently stored, so that next time you restart Safari you will find the same settings you had last time you closed it.


  • Latest MacOS High Sierra releases might prevent Ultrawide for Safari preference pane to correctly show up. A bug fix release has been pushed to the Apple servers and is on the way. Thanks for your understanding
Please report suggestions, crash reports and complaints to: ilcorsaronero@gmail.com


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